V-Awards: Celebrating Young Volunteers in India

Deadline for Applications: 12th October 2023

The V-Awards, an initiative by the UN Volunteers India, is a prestigious program aimed at acknowledging and celebrating the efforts of young individuals actively involved in volunteerism. These awards are designed to recognize those who are tirelessly working towards making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

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Why V-Awards Matter in India

India, home to the world’s largest youth population, is a reservoir of potential and energy. The V-Awards are particularly significant in this context as they aim to tap into this youthful vigor. By recognizing the contributions of these young volunteers, the awards seek to inspire a wider engagement in social and developmental causes across the nation.

Eligibility Criteria for V-Awards

  • Applicants must be Indian citizens.
  • Age bracket: 15-29 years.
  • A minimum of 150 hours of volunteer work in the past year.
  • Demonstrated meaningful engagement with communities.

The Selection Process

The selection cycle is meticulous, ensuring only the most deserving candidates are awarded.

  • Initial Review (September – October): Applications are scrutinized for eligibility. All applicants receive a status update, with successful candidates progressing to the next round.
  • Telephonic Review (End of October): A deeper evaluation of the application packages, leading to the selection of candidates for interviews.
  • Status Update (Start of November): Communication of interview outcomes.
  • Award Ceremony (December 5): A grand event to honor the exceptional volunteers.

Before Applying

Prospective applicants are advised to:

  • Verify their eligibility for the V-Awards.
  • Gather necessary documentation, including evidence of volunteer work (photos, certificates, reference letters, etc.).


At the heart of the V-Awards is the spirit of #Volunteer4Change. This initiative is not just about celebrating achievements but also about stirring a movement where every young person in India feels empowered to make a difference.

Join Us

Be part of this transformative journey. Apply for the V-Awards and take your place among those leading the charge in creating a better future. Your actions today can shape a brighter tomorrow.


Embrace the opportunity to be recognized for your dedication and impact. Let’s celebrate the spirit of volunteerism in India together!